Dark Dense Clouds and a Raindrop

Raindrop under the dense clouds
A raindrop against the dark dense clouds. Monochrome # 015

The heart flutters with excitement
As the seasons change guard
Ever since it did in a lil’ girls backyard
It rained and rained. Then it rained some more
And awoke the buds after a peaceful slumber
Flirting, in the half- asleep, half -awake stupor
With a raindrop, that stayed as long as it could
And then bid adieu to the sombre bud
The dark dense clouds still so heavy with love
A raindrop too many’d soon descend from above…

In response to the The Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge – ‘Dense

16 thoughts on “Dark Dense Clouds and a Raindrop

  1. Love the image and how you describe the calm before the storm. The skies open, the rain falls and that’s how the little raindrop fell on the leaf…and then it wonders where to go. It is such a far drop below to the ground 🙂 Really like how you say there is love above in stormy clouds. Nothing like a bit of rain for the ground to freshen things up and add to the cycle of growth and life 🙂

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  2. There is such an endearing calmness about everything you create, Madame Zenista. It always makes for a wonderful break from such a hectic world. It’s definitely a rare talent to be able to convey such serenity. Keep harnessing that perspicacious genius. I was born and raised in the north western part of Spain where it rains about nine months out of the year. Nothing more soothing and cleansing as a constant drizzle in ones daily walk though life. It’s healing.

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    1. Thank you- such a beautiful and kind comment! You made my day…
      Constant drizzle-that’s interesting. Yes- I agree. The smell of the earth and soaked flora- so peaceful and healing. It makes me slightly nostalgic and vulnerable, but in a good way.

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