Home away from home…

Before coming to the US as a student, I came over to visit my brother Shomit for a few months. The idea was that I get a good change. Having come here I got introduced to his gang of friends- Oakley Mitra Mandal (OMM) as they called themselves-  and a whole new world full of best things! This group of people had dreams in their eyes and a strong bond that would never weaken. Amidst restaurants and movies, chai parties and philosophy, discussions and dreams that would go on until the wee hours of the day, I found myself rejuvenating! One of the best times of my life, I treasure those days and am full of gratitude to my brother and OMM. This was written then as a parting gift dedicated to OMM:

I flew from home, to a land unknown

To my brother, on a foreign shore

Did not know what was in store

Just to switch off, and nothing more


Here the buildings kissed the sky

They were ambitions and dreams, in concrete

Manifesting themselves so tall and high

Showing how you could, if you really wanna fly


I came to not to a house, but a family

The houses albeit four, but one home really

Every pair of eye exuded warmth and ardor

And the smiles for me always, I treasure truly.


We met often in evenings for coffee

And talked and talked and wined and dined

I relished every bit, for, from worry I would flee

‘N talked till it was dawn again, and again time for tea


With them I danced, with them I played

They showed me the colors of life; they didn’t let ‘em fade

They made me feel special, in their ways so grand

I knew how Alice must’ve felt in wonderland


I had my share of bliss, and its time to leave

My heart fills with gratitude for Shomit, more than I grieve

And for his gift of you all to me to cherish

A memory of my best days that would never perish


When in someday of my life ahead, I wonder

After a long day’s work, somewhere across seas yonder

I would want to run back to you all, alone

When they say, “baby its time to go home”…



~ Sonali  for OMM. (Oct 2004)