One week down

So its a week since I am in my home town. And without my luggage! Let me correct myself there –  I did get one bag out of the two, one day ago. And of course Murphy’s Law was at play – I didn’t get the right one, not to mention the pilferage! This doesn’t have my clothes and my shoes and cosmetics and all those things I thought I couldn’t live without normally. Looks like I can.. Thanks to Aai who made arrangements for me to wear her lovely salwar kameez.

I called and called the Air India office in Nagpur and in Mumbai. Talked to people when the phone line wasn’t busy (oh those few would be my lucky days!). Didn’t know who is responsible to take the onus of it – as there seems no one! Its then that I had decided to myself – I am not going to be bothered by it and spoil my holiday. Its after all a means to the end and not the end. (Philosophy does come to ones rescue at times as these; that is the best… the only option!). Got enough material for discussions with family and friends. used a lot of  “there is no system in place” and “there is no accountability here” and so on… Now I am bored of talking about it.

Hoping that some astronomical constellation takes place and I get my second (and important) bag before I leave for the US, intact with no pilferage, with no custom hassles whatsoever…

Way too much to ask for!!

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