All waiting, atop the stairs…

Monochrome, Black & White, photography, Stairs, WPC, Weekly Photo Challenge, WordPress, The daily Post
Atop the stairs… Monochrome # 008

ATOP the stairs, at sunup…

LOOKING down, a dream still weakly trailing
Sometimes giving up on the riddle
Other times, savoring the good feeling

THE smile fades as my feet grow cold
For its Showtime, and show up, I must
As the day invades with crimson gold

MY role comes to life as the sunlight roars
Descending each step, I drown more
Until lost in the assembly line of daily chores

BUT that nagging feeling at the back o’ my mind
That unfinished book, a cozy cuppa (if not wine)
‘N a bit of me, that I’d left behind

All waiting
Until sundown
Atop the stairs

Monochrome, Black & White, photography, Books, hot cup of tea, coffee, cozy, WPC, Weekly Photo Challenge, WordPress, The daily Post
Waiting atop my nightstand: A hot cuppa, some half unread books with bit o’solitude for company… Monochrome # 009

In response to The Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge. Atop.


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