Notes from a “line-lover”…

Love for lines

I. Love. Lines.
And I feel they stand out in a monochrome picture. Lines are pleasing to the eye symbolizing for me perfection, and the beauty therein.
monochrome, Black and white, photography, geometrical lines, geometry.

monochrome, Black and white, photography, window shadow

Black and white, B&W, Monochromes, Photography, iPhone,

I’d rather be doing something creative…like

I’d rather be: (if not taking walks in the wilderness), doing something creative, like reading, writing or just blogging on wordpress 🙂

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein ( on his birthday today on Pi Day)




The monochromatic windy city

My monochromatic windy city
In love with my city ❤

Chicago Skyline, city lights, black and white photography, city, monochrome,
Chicago skyline…
Navy Pier, Downtown Chicago.
Chicago Downtown across the lake...
The Willis (old Sears) Tower from across Lake Michigan.
Lakeshore. Lake Michigan. Chicago downtown.


Beloved little ones…

Beloved: Sons, the sun, the sky, the sea and the sand…
Beloved of mine, Love them all ❤Black and white photography, monochromes, sun, summer fun, beach, kids, sand

Variations – geometrical …

Weekly Photo ChallengeVariations!
I love to look for lines and angles and how they crisscross from within my field of vision.  I try to capture it so that the other pairs of eyes can see what I did and marvel how I did. Have you discovered the magic of lines and geometrical shapes hiding all around you yet?

Black and white, B&W, Monochromes, Photography, iPhone,