The ever transient clouds…

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

I could look at the sky forever.
The world gets a different depth,
And you are in motion
Set by the drifting clouds above
A center discovered within
that pulls to the ground.
A calming trance…

Hope you see what I see through this picture.

The sky rising deeper and deeper. Monochrome # 041

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient

Happy Summer Solstice my dear visitors! This longest day of the year is transient before the days start getting shorter and shorter 🙂

28 thoughts on “The ever transient clouds…

  1. I feel I’m being pulled up into the sky! Lovely photo. Last night there was a stunning mackerel sky against the hues of blue/grey/silver and it was a treat to sit and savour the view after dinner.

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  2. I love the photo and the clouds. The centre seems to draw me up, almost a feeling of vertigo but the wrong way.:). I love lying on the ground watching clouds. Not only can you see so many shapes but their movements are magic.

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