The ever transient clouds…

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

I could look at the sky forever.
The world gets a different depth,
And you are in motion
Set by the drifting clouds above
A center discovered within
that pulls to the ground.
A calming trance…

Hope you see what I see through this picture.

The sky rising deeper and deeper. Monochrome # 041

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient

Happy Summer Solstice my dear visitors! This longest day of the year is transient before the days start getting shorter and shorter 🙂

Heritage: from a mother to her daughter

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Krishna under the tree with peacocks, playing his enchanting flute, flanked by two peacock lamps. Adorned with some fragrant white flowers from our garden, as an offering of love.

Usually, as a family tradition, a mother gifts her daughter standard few things at her wedding. This is a brass idol of Krishna given by my mother as I started my new life. She loves Krishna and his stories. I myself find great wisdom in the Bhagavad Gita, a unique scripture (could very well be called secular) with answers to possibly all questions that have and will plague the human mind.

Krishna’s message : let your life be a celebration.
I inherited this idol from my mother, and also the blessing to be able to make my life into a celebration.

Krishna playing his flute under a tree. Flanked by traditional peacock lamps. Monochrome # 033


The Danger of driving

The danger of driving,…when roads are covered with snow and ice. (Makes for interesting Black and White pictures, though!) My other entry for danger is here: I struggle

black and white, monochromes, photography, roads, snow,
Snow, no-snow, snow… Monochrome # 025

Dark Dense Clouds and a Raindrop

Raindrop under the dense clouds
A raindrop against the dark dense clouds. Monochrome # 015

The heart flutters with excitement
As the seasons change guard
Ever since it did in a lil’ girls backyard
It rained and rained. Then it rained some more
And awoke the buds after a peaceful slumber
Flirting, in the half- asleep, half -awake stupor
With a raindrop, that stayed as long as it could
And then bid adieu to the sombre bud
The dark dense clouds still so heavy with love
A raindrop too many’d soon descend from above…

In response to the The Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge – ‘Dense

All waiting, atop the stairs…

Monochrome, Black & White, photography, Stairs, WPC, Weekly Photo Challenge, WordPress, The daily Post
Atop the stairs… Monochrome # 008

ATOP the stairs, at sunup…

LOOKING down, a dream still weakly trailing
Sometimes giving up on the riddle
Other times, savoring the good feeling

THE smile fades as my feet grow cold
For its Showtime, and show up, I must
As the day invades with crimson gold

MY role comes to life as the sunlight roars
Descending each step, I drown more
Until lost in the assembly line of daily chores

BUT that nagging feeling at the back o’ my mind
That unfinished book, a cozy cuppa (if not wine)
‘N a bit of me, that I’d left behind

All waiting
Until sundown
Atop the stairs

Monochrome, Black & White, photography, Books, hot cup of tea, coffee, cozy, WPC, Weekly Photo Challenge, WordPress, The daily Post
Waiting atop my nightstand: A hot cuppa, some half unread books with bit o’solitude for company… Monochrome # 009

In response to The Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge. Atop.