Dandelion: the messenger of wishes…

The Daily Post – Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

Dandelion. madame-zenista.com monochrome black and white
Dandelions. Monochrome # 003

As kids, we’d truly believe the blown seeds of a dandelion would go far to a place where wishes would be granted. And so the summer days would be full of wishes gliding in the air. It used to be a magical time – the lazy summer days to dream and wish and wait for it to come true. Those times, when dandelions were the messengers for wishes

Dandelion. madame-zenista.com monochrome black and white
Dandelion. Monochrome # 004


TO FLY in the air
To pluck at the stars
To have a candy palace
Why, nothing seemed bizarre!
Wishes wishes, oh so many
Blow the dandelion, and ask for any

A HANDFUL of diamonds
Prince charming on a stallion
Be sought after
My charm be my medallion

WISHES wishes, oh so many
Blow the dandelion, and ask for any!
Not smart but be wise
A true friend or a few

BE A kid again, that
Innocence like dew
Wishes wishes, not too many
Blow the dandelion, hoping for an epiphany!

(Also an entry for Cee’s B&W)

The Spirit of the Kites…

I stumbled upon this interesting WordPress weekly photo challenge. Check it out here to participate.

Mackinac Island, Michigan. Kites. Skyscape # 006. #nofilter.


BEFORE we came, and after we arrived

The mountains moved, and the waters realigned

But gravity stayed, rigid, un-compromised.


FOUR kingdoms subservient to the Gravity gods

Yet these puny kites, how they soar ‘n how they drop

The spirit of the kites, flying against the odds


(The above picture shows summer skies of 2016 in Mackinac Island, Michigan. While the island and the waters and the people, all earthbound, were enjoying the the sunshine from down below, a dozen kites took flight and dared for the skies…)




The twilight tree… Skyscape # 005

Twilight, tree, sky, sunset.
The bare twilight tree. Skyscape # 005


THE waning sun
The sky blue still
The night to come
The heart athrill

THE tree so bare
Looks up to the sky
The sunset’s glare
The darkness nigh

IT’S arms outspread
It’s soul inviting
A tree beckons
With love abiding

BOUND notwithstanding
Its Spirit free
All over, burning
The Twilight Tree..

Twilights are one of my favorite times of the day. It is a short time when two worlds merge, creating a third, evanescent one. This poem is dedicated to twilight and the witnessing tree.



The Stars of Sunshine…

The stars of sunshine: a poem of love between the sun and the blue waters of the earth. Celebration of love this Saint Valentine’s Day. (No- too tacky!)

{Entry for WPC: Shine, Reflecting My other entry here:Reflections in Water}

Black and white, reflection, monochrome, photography,
Stars on water…

The Stars of Sunshine

The Sun is back
With all its might
Flying to the earth
At the speed o’ light
The liquid sky trembles
It’d pined all night
One fervent embrace n’
Countless stars of delight!

Sunlight dancing on water…


Yesterday was sunny, although not comfortably warm and a park nearby glowed. The stream reflected the abundant sunlight. I could watch the light dance on the shining blue waters for hours- it was so magical!

These pictures were taken to capture that magic. But could one ever really do that, fully?

Yellow Room with a View

The Daily Post- Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

Yellow Room with a View
Yellow Room with a View

My yellow room with a view….