The Spirit of the Kites…

I stumbled upon this interesting WordPress weekly photo challenge. Check it out here to participate.

Mackinac Island, Michigan. Kites. Skyscape # 006. #nofilter.


BEFORE we came, and after we arrived

The mountains moved, and the waters realigned

But gravity stayed, rigid, un-compromised.


FOUR kingdoms subservient to the Gravity gods

Yet these puny kites, how they soar ‘n how they drop

The spirit of the kites, flying against the odds


(The above picture shows summer skies of 2016 in Mackinac Island, Michigan. While the island and the waters and the people, all earthbound, were enjoying the the sunshine from down below, a dozen kites took flight and dared for the skies…)




20 thoughts on “The Spirit of the Kites…

      1. You’re welcome. I love your blog! Ah yes, my next review. I wonder as well. I’m struggling to pick a book at the moment since the last two weren’t any good. Now I’m being overly cautious in the selection process. Lol

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        1. Thank you- you are so kind!
          Ah- I know the feeling… I know its silly, but I let the book find me. Some sign shows and shows itself again and then I pick it from my to-read list (so far it has worked). Hope you get the right one 🙂

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          1. No! That is not silly at all. I know what you mean. It’s happened to me as well. 🙂 But now with this goal, I’m a little pressed for time so I feel like I don’t have the luxury to wait for a book to jump out at it. But I definitely agree with you. I prefer when it happens that way. 🙂

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  1. Brilliant shot. The kites look so carefree above up there in the sky. Must be a lovely sight for everyone right below them 🙂 Lovely poem too. Fate and luck sometimes helps us against the odds. Just like how in order for kites to fly, the wind has to be just right 🙂

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