The sweetest combination…

The  Sweetest combination!

Give me my books and my tea
And some lone time just to be
That snow brewing up a storm outside
By the fire you’ll find the happiest me!


Beloved little ones…

Beloved: Sons, the sun, the sky, the sea and the sand…
Beloved of mine, Love them all ❤Black and white photography, monochromes, sun, summer fun, beach, kids, sand

Variations – geometrical …

Weekly Photo ChallengeVariations!
I love to look for lines and angles and how they crisscross from within my field of vision.  I try to capture it so that the other pairs of eyes can see what I did and marvel how I did. Have you discovered the magic of lines and geometrical shapes hiding all around you yet?

Black and white, B&W, Monochromes, Photography, iPhone,

Despite it all…

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Yes- this is a glorified picture of just a weed.
It is here not just because I love the little yellow blooms at the edge of the yard and have fun with it when they become a perfect globe like this one, but because of its resilience to grow despite the world trying to do away with it. It grows and rises to reach the sun before it is cut down…

…just another point of view, from the one that is fighting and growing.

Dandelion, sun, sky, nature

Aspire to ascend…

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge


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