My cheeky photo philter…


This is my cheeky photo ‘philter’ on the beach one evening. Admit it, the sun does look gorgeous with it… 🙂



Bonfire sillhouette, Black and white, B&W, Monochromes, Photography, iPhone,

Cool outdoors and the fire crackles and blazes,
The sparks leap up and hang twinkling in the pitch dark sky,
You feel the deep connection with Universe and the fellows around…
That kind of night….


Texture rich!

Texture on an older tree… Monochrome

Nothing satisfactory like…


Being with nature!
This past weekend we watched the sun go down at the beach. The gulls circling the water in the setting sun as the colors got warmer and the contrast deeper. Another day came and went, but if it leaves you satisfied, you know you have made the most of it.


July’17 Monochromes II

Cee’s Black & White Photography Challenge: Wheels

Navy Pier, Chicago. Monochrome # 49

For the acrophobic that I am, it is most unusual for me to sit in one!