Heritage: from a mother to her daughter

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Krishna under the tree with peacocks, playing his enchanting flute, flanked by two peacock lamps. Adorned with some fragrant white flowers from our garden, as an offering of love.

Usually, as a family tradition, a mother gifts her daughter standard few things at her wedding. This is a brass idol of Krishna given by my mother as I started my new life. She loves Krishna and his stories. I myself find great wisdom in the Bhagavad Gita, a unique scripture (could very well be called secular) with answers to possibly all questions that have and will plague the human mind.

Krishna’s message : let your life be a celebration.
I inherited this idol from my mother, and also the blessing to be able to make my life into a celebration.

Krishna playing his flute under a tree. Flanked by traditional peacock lamps. Monochrome # 033