The Danger of driving

The danger of driving,…when roads are covered with snow and ice. (Makes for interesting Black and White pictures, though!) My other entry for danger is here: I struggle

black and white, monochromes, photography, roads, snow,
Snow, no-snow, snow… Monochrome # 025

19 thoughts on “The Danger of driving

      1. Smile … yes, you are right! The romantic notion soon dissipates once you step out the front door, whereas warm days, loads of sunshine and blue skies are generally as welcome in real life as they are in photos.
        We are fortunate that Johannesburg has plenty.

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    1. Why thank you, Amela! That’s nice of you.
      I really don’t know the dynamics of awards and if it resonates with my blogs purpose. But appreciate your thoughtfulness 🙏🏼 😊


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