June’17 Monochromes II

CB&W Photography ChallengeCouples, Twins, Two of Anything

Black and white photography, monochrome, iphone, pictures, b&w, BnW, Jewelry, art, artsy, jhumka, earrings, indian
Jhumkas‘ pair of traditional earrings that adorns and enhances femininity. Monochrome # 042
Train tracks, Black and white, B&W, Monochromes, Photography, iPhone, train, tracks,
The two tracks that never meet, yet are together all along! Monochrome # 043


14 thoughts on “June’17 Monochromes II

  1. Lovely photographs…the earrings are so detailed and a beautiful design which stand out brilliantly in this photograph. I like your comment about the train tracks which matches up perfectly with the photograph.

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