India visit…

Finally in India, I feel time is speeding beyond control… So many things to do, social visits to make, old friends to catch up… but I fear if I can make it all in this trip.

Being home, even after three years this time, doesn’t feel new or strange. Meeting relatives, especially the older folk, feels good. Still jet lagging! Or is it the great fresh food from moms kitchen? Yesterday I bumped into a tuition-friend from 10th standard – Urvi Sahni! I was delighted. We exchanged numbers. I asked her for her contact info. As she looked for some paper chit in her purse, I observed that she hasn’t changed much – she looks as pretty! She told me she has a 9 year old and a younger one. I was shocked, and happy.  As she wrote her name, I observed she is Urvi “Suri” now. I asked her for her email ID and she said that she isnt that internet savvy and hardly gets time to switch the computer on. I suddenly realized that not the entire world is on cyberspace, as I thought, like me and my cirlce of family/ friends. I quickly learnt from this revelation. It was so happy to meet this friend and see her settled with kids and all. But when I reflect on it, it is like being in a time machine. It just doesn’t feel a decade and a half has turned, feels it was just yesterday that I had this life and these friends! To put it in Bollywood lingo – lagta hai maano kal hi ki baat ho!

I keep looking at faces whenever I am on road; people appear familiar…

My fear now is the day I have to leave, especially as parents would be alone after me and my brother and my uncle leave for the US. Scary! Or is it going back to a place that has very few things and people that I have back home…

3 thoughts on “India visit…

  1. Hi Soans !!! You sure have come a long way. Its nice to know that people can find the right path by avoiding the conventional practices. Do keep in touch.

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