The little story of a dragonfly: Hope

The little story of a Dragonfly:

This is the story of a water beetle who lived with her friends deep down in an obscure lily pond. Their life in the soft pond mud was content and uneventful, away from the direct sun and any disturbances far above. However, every once in a while, some beetle would climb up a lily stalk making its way up, up and away. Never to return. This would make all of them sad, wary and fearful.

One beautiful summer morning the sky above was still rosy, when down below, this one beetle got restless. Boredom and curiosity got the better of her and she started her climb up one firm lily stem. She was determined find out what lay beyond and to come back and share her findings with her friends below. The climb was long and steep, and she finally broke through the surface of water into a sea of gleaming lilies ubiquitous in the gorgeous sunlit pond. She was fascinated beyond her wits, but the long climb had tired her out. She lay on the lily pad in the blanket of the warming sun, soon falling into a deep sleep. She slept long, only to be shocked once she woke up. Her body had transformed during the long nap; she now had a long electric blue tail and lustrous wings, perfect for flying. The beetle was transformed into a brilliant dragonfly! She took her first flight above the pond and the lilies, rising and swooping and soaring back up again. A whole new world had opened up for her, a way superior life than that the one she had known all her life. More like a fantasy beyond her wildest imagination. Now back on on lily pad for a little respite, she remembered her life under water, and felt a pang of sympathy for her friends. In a gush of emotion to tell them all about this new world, she headed to get under water only to jolt back. Her new body was no more for the water.

A realization came upon the beetle that even if she went, her friends wouldn’t recognize her, nor believe this “absurd” tale. That they would realize it only when each one takes that step and experiences it for themselves. Poignant, but peaceful, the beetle took an deep breath and darted into the dazzling sunlight towards her glorious new life, now as a radiant Dragonfly!


In the face death, the harshest but most certain reality of life, this story assuages us that our loved one might just not cease to exist. They might just have found a glorious world beyond our knowledge. It gives us reassurance. It gives us hope.


In the face of life and the living, when I died many tiny deaths in face of frustration and failure and hopelessness and depression, it empowered me to go beyond the unpleasant and the dark. It urges to go past any complacency of a certain  “just OK” life-situation encouraging for an exploration of a more meaningful and fulfilling life. It gives the hope of a possibility of something splendid, only if one resolves to break through.

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. Inspiring story of hope. Quote form the Shawshank Redemption by Andy Dufresne to Red.

To hope!

Who am I?

South Padre Island. Aug 2015. Skyscape # 009

With the rising spirit, I become the spirited
With the  ebbing sigh, I am the distressed
With each scorn, I bleed deep
While those loving eyes are my healers sublime!
The apathy around, finds me lost
In Thy presence,  finally, I become Thine!
Who is This, that see-eth it all,
The constant One amidst the rise and fall ?
The ever-changing images, is all I see
But who am I, Lord, will you tell me?

Keeping it simple…

I believe there is a life cycle for everything. Be it for products, for trends or for ones passions etc. Growing up, I saw myself sway to extremes in emotions, in likes and in dislikes. This took me to heights of pleasure and depths of disillusionment. My father, who (I now think) was rightly conferred the degree of Doctor of “philosophy”, would always advocate Aristotles “Golden Mean“. But to me, it didn’t mean more than a theoretical concept! Guess I must have been in the initial stages of my “life cycle” then…

I went through my extremes. My highs and my lows..

However, the recent past has seen me more or less settle on the “Golden Mean”. Of moderation. Of simplicity. Of overall peace – with myself.

I realized that simplicity is the key. Simplicity in perception, in behavior and in overall living. I discovered that simplicity is beauty. Simplicity is peace. Simplicity is Truth. Simplicity is a kin to Godliness. It is highest of virtues. All human beings go through their own life cycle of learnings. They have their own struggles to go through, their unique battles to fight. Simplicity would be a big panacea for most problems. To me, even to have a perspective to understand the nobility of the concept means a big step towards achieving it.

Reminds me of Rajesh Khannas wonderful line from the legendary film Bawarchi : “It is so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple”.

Its simple; simply keep it simple!

I smile…

Flowers in my room bring warmth and color

The wind plays music whisking the wind chime

The delightful daffodils and tulips  tender

Tell me now its my time!

Bless those barren dim days

And cold nights with hope none

‘Coz in a different light I notice the rays

Brighter so now, like a just-arrived sun!

Smile smile, life is beautiful

Just blissful, peaceful and content be

Turn  inwards to a huge world within

And you’ll smile to whatever you see!

Life, beauty, duty….

“I slept and dreamed that life was beauty

I woke and found that life was duty

Lo! I did my duty

And found that life was beauty!”

How beautifully do these verses present the essence of Karma Yoga