Keeping it simple…

I believe there is a life cycle for everything. Be it for products, for trends or for ones passions etc. Growing up, I saw myself sway to extremes in emotions, in likes and in dislikes. This took me to heights of pleasure and depths of disillusionment. My father, who (I now think) was rightly conferred the degree of Doctor of “philosophy”, would always advocate Aristotles “Golden Mean“. But to me, it didn’t mean more than a theoretical concept! Guess I must have been in the initial stages of my “life cycle” then…

I went through my extremes. My highs and my lows..

However, the recent past has seen me more or less settle on the “Golden Mean”. Of moderation. Of simplicity. Of overall peace – with myself.

I realized that simplicity is the key. Simplicity in perception, in behavior and in overall living. I discovered that simplicity is beauty. Simplicity is peace. Simplicity is Truth. Simplicity is a kin to Godliness. It is highest of virtues. All human beings go through their own life cycle of learnings. They have their own struggles to go through, their unique battles to fight. Simplicity would be a big panacea for most problems. To me, even to have a perspective to understand the nobility of the concept means a big step towards achieving it.

Reminds me of Rajesh Khannas wonderful line from the legendary film Bawarchi : “It is so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple”.

Its simple; simply keep it simple!