The “no-internet” situation!

So we are between Internet services; we don’t have any service at home! I am not sure how I am going to survive this “no-internet” situation! What am I going to do? How am I going to function? I am sure, all those internet users reading this blog will agree that I am certainly not overreacting here! (Do not go on the exclamation marks after every sentence; I need some support here!) I think they should come up with some “self -help” books to deal with a crisis like this one! During this “sabbatical” from the “cyberspace”, wonder what are my days going to like, especially the coming Sat and Sun!

Thinking of activities I can possibly do as I sit in my almost empty (abandoned-like) office floor,  when the rest of the world is enjoying their Fri night after a long week, like a herd let loose!

So coming back to the one who is still tied to her office chair and laptop, thinking hard about my “to-do” list, this is what comes to my mind as I type : reading some stuff that I have been planning to, and haven’t been able to yet, for a long time/ getting up early to watch the sun rise from my window, then sipping tea till the sun warms up for his day/ spending some time with my roomie / weather permitting, taking a walk outside / cooking something yummy to go with the Yellow Tail gifted by a very dear friend (currently on vacation on the west coast!) / some PR phone calls to family – friends/ exercise-meditation / introspection and contemplation …

Hmmm.. that’s quite a list there, eh?

Wow! Up until now I knew how much change Internet has brought in our lives. Didn’t realize how much change, even its absence, can bring to us!!!

Heil Internet! LOL!

2 thoughts on “The “no-internet” situation!

  1. Television reduced social interaction. Internet increased such interaction with e-mails, chats and blogs. However, quality time spent with a real person, face to face, is far more nourishing for the soul.

    An Internet outage gives you a wonderful opportunity to be with yourself.. and contemplate.. and make some tea for yourself, stirring it slowly and savoring every sip in special cups sitting next to a window 🙂


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