Objects and energy flow…

Looking at our patio with a few two-wheelers parked in a haphazard manner, Bobby once made a very interesting comment. (We had more motor bikes than the riders in the house back in India. Not that we bought them; they just happened to end up in out house!). He quipped ” Hey, these vehicles must be parked in a certain angle. Everything has an alignment with its surroundings”! I had no concept of what he was saying. Yes, I would have just brushed it off as an ‘artiste’s angle of looking at things that is unimportant, having nothing to do with reality’! But for a change, I took heed and moved the parked vehicles, now parallel to our compound wall and the house wall. Hmm..  Something was different. It seemed more “proper” and “in-line”.

Ever since, I have experimented with objects. I discovered that the way things are placed in relation to their surrounding and in a certain direction, make a lot of difference. Rather, there is always at least one best combination. It possibly has to do something with energy flow within that space.  As I got amused with how placing things and objects differently can make so much of an intangible difference, it led me to marvel at the mysteries that possibly lie behind the tangible. It was much like a teaser to me. Wonder how much more is hidden that we hardly know of our Universe and its subtle Laws. They are perhaps waiting to be discovered, by the right person at the right time!

You go now...

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