Jingle-Jangle o’ the Green-Bangles

For the two themes in WordPress’ ‘The Daily Post Photo Challenges‘ 

Security, Green

In the (Asian) Indian culture, green bangles are adorned by the bride at the sacred marriage ceremony- a blessing symbolizing prosperity and fertility. And she continues to wear green her entire married life. The gentle striking of glass produces a sound that is delightful, soft and feminine.

My maiden home would be filled with the cheerful sound from my mother’s or grandmother’s bangles. It seems to always be there in the background, the predictability gave us kids a strange sense of security, and you could tell those toiling hands were working somewhere in or around the house.

This jingle-jangle of the green bangles were sounds of love and care and motherly  warmth.

Green glass bangles with pearl - gold side bangles. Photography.
Green glass bangles with a pair of pearl-gold ones, set on traditional green Indian fabric.
OF SANDALWOOD ‘n fresh  mehendi hands
Mixed scents, like feelings; lonesome she stands
Dressed in silk, her gold jewelry dangles
Amidst the jingle-jangle o’ the green-bangles

SHE MAKES the house into a home
Cooking n’ cleaning n’ loving she roams
Making peace after any wrangles
Along the jingle-jangle o’ her green-bangles

HOLDING the little chin, combing hair
On fevered forehead, her hands of care
In a soft mulmul* embrace, their tears she lulls
All in the jingle-jangle o’ her green-bangles!

*Mulmul (pronounced muh-l muh-l as in mulberry) is a fine, soft cotton muslin from India. There are beautiful mulmul sarees for women in India.

For The Daily Post Photo Challenges theme for the week “It IS Easy Being Green!” and (Michelle said if the post is related to Ireland, the better it is. So, while taking this picture, I thought of Ireland. So related it in such an unrelated way 😬 )

Works for another theme for this week “Security” as well!

All waiting, atop the stairs…

Monochrome, Black & White, photography, Stairs, WPC, Weekly Photo Challenge, WordPress, The daily Post
Atop the stairs… Monochrome # 008

ATOP the stairs, at sunup…

LOOKING down, a dream still weakly trailing
Sometimes giving up on the riddle
Other times, savoring the good feeling

THE smile fades as my feet grow cold
For its Showtime, and show up, I must
As the day invades with crimson gold

MY role comes to life as the sunlight roars
Descending each step, I drown more
Until lost in the assembly line of daily chores

BUT that nagging feeling at the back o’ my mind
That unfinished book, a cozy cuppa (if not wine)
‘N a bit of me, that I’d left behind

All waiting
Until sundown
Atop the stairs

Monochrome, Black & White, photography, Books, hot cup of tea, coffee, cozy, WPC, Weekly Photo Challenge, WordPress, The daily Post
Waiting atop my nightstand: A hot cuppa, some half unread books with bit o’solitude for company… Monochrome # 009

In response to The Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge. Atop.


Dandelion: the messenger of wishes…

The Daily Post – Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

Dandelion. madame-zenista.com monochrome black and white
Dandelions. Monochrome # 003

As kids, we’d truly believe the blown seeds of a dandelion would go far to a place where wishes would be granted. And so the summer days would be full of wishes gliding in the air. It used to be a magical time – the lazy summer days to dream and wish and wait for it to come true. Those times, when dandelions were the messengers for wishes

Dandelion. madame-zenista.com monochrome black and white
Dandelion. Monochrome # 004


TO FLY in the air
To pluck at the stars
To have a candy palace
Why, nothing seemed bizarre!
Wishes wishes, oh so many
Blow the dandelion, and ask for any

A HANDFUL of diamonds
Prince charming on a stallion
Be sought after
My charm be my medallion

WISHES wishes, oh so many
Blow the dandelion, and ask for any!
Not smart but be wise
A true friend or a few

BE A kid again, that
Innocence like dew
Wishes wishes, not too many
Blow the dandelion, hoping for an epiphany!

(Also an entry for Cee’s B&W)

My Solitude, sunset, the sea

The Daily Post: A Good Match -Photo Challenge. The sunset and the sea is better than a good match for my solitude at the final hours of the day…

I watch the sunset at the South Padre Islands in 2015. Skyscape # 008

Eyes wide shut under the flying veil of hair

Rumbling ocean reverberates, flushing the day’s wear

Gulls forlorn cawing, split the brined air

Emotions shudder helpless, on a wing ‘n a prayer

Encompassing solitude deepens, skins my soul bare

By the calming sea, ‘n the darkening glare

Of the crimson sunset, I feel so aware…



The Spirit of the Kites…

I stumbled upon this interesting WordPress weekly photo challenge. Check it out here to participate.

Mackinac Island, Michigan. Kites. Skyscape # 006. #nofilter.


BEFORE we came, and after we arrived

The mountains moved, and the waters realigned

But gravity stayed, rigid, un-compromised.


FOUR kingdoms subservient to the Gravity gods

Yet these puny kites, how they soar ‘n how they drop

The spirit of the kites, flying against the odds


(The above picture shows summer skies of 2016 in Mackinac Island, Michigan. While the island and the waters and the people, all earthbound, were enjoying the the sunshine from down below, a dozen kites took flight and dared for the skies…)