These unusual nooks and crannies…

As much as I love Nature, I am wary of going too close into the nooks and crannies, if you will, of the plants and trees. I am not most comfortable at the thought of insects and the like. But one morning of last week, I was prodded by my visiting mother to check out this latticework in one such spot in the grass and close to the plants roots, in the dark and the deep. It was magical how the dew drops settled on the fragile spiderweb: this striking show tucked away from the world.

Dew drops (or was it raindrops?) settled on a spiderweb in some tiny corner of my garden. Monochrome # 48


July’17 Monochromes I

Cee’s Black & White Photography Challenge: Things made with wood

Unmoved. Still. Rooted in the moment. The Wooden Buddha
Unmoved. Still. Rooted in the moment. The Wooden Buddha. Monochrome # 047


Collage… on a wall

Somewhere on the highway, I zoomed past this uniquely collaged wall and screeched to a stop on the shoulder. Amongst the antiqued collection on it, what attracted me was the sign of “Hope”. See if you can spot hope; its there but you have to work to find it. (Pun intended 🙂 )

Collaged wall on a highway, somewhere in the middle of nowhere…

Below is a picture of a happy wall, a shelf full of jars filled with warmth and happiness. Found in an old country store…

Jars, monochrome, black and white, photography, photo,
Collage of jars full of jams and jellies and this and that in an old country store…  Monochrome # 046


June’17 Monochromes III

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Hands / feet / paws

black and white, photography, monochromes, B&W, BnW,
Industrious hands (and feet and the head) glued to wrenching out some serious work! Monochrome # 45


This moment in time…

Black and white photography, monochromes, snow
Let it snow, let it snow…. Monochrome # 044

the snow, the laughter, the memory!

Just caught in time to capture the excitement amidst the snowfall. Delta