Despite it all…

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Yes- this is a glorified picture of just a weed.
It is here not just because I love the little yellow blooms at the edge of the yard and have fun with it when they become a perfect globe like this one, but because of its resilience to grow despite the world trying to do away with it. It grows and rises to reach the sun before it is cut down…

…just another point of view, from the one that is fighting and growing.

Dandelion, sun, sky, nature

Dandelion: the messenger of wishes…

The Daily Post – Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

Dandelion. monochrome black and white
Dandelions. Monochrome # 003

As kids, we’d truly believe the blown seeds of a dandelion would go far to a place where wishes would be granted. And so the summer days would be full of wishes gliding in the air. It used to be a magical time – the lazy summer days to dream and wish and wait for it to come true. Those times, when dandelions were the messengers for wishes

Dandelion. monochrome black and white
Dandelion. Monochrome # 004


TO FLY in the air
To pluck at the stars
To have a candy palace
Why, nothing seemed bizarre!
Wishes wishes, oh so many
Blow the dandelion, and ask for any

A HANDFUL of diamonds
Prince charming on a stallion
Be sought after
My charm be my medallion

WISHES wishes, oh so many
Blow the dandelion, and ask for any!
Not smart but be wise
A true friend or a few

BE A kid again, that
Innocence like dew
Wishes wishes, not too many
Blow the dandelion, hoping for an epiphany!

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