My Solitude, sunset, the sea

The Daily Post: A Good Match -Photo Challenge. The sunset and the sea is better than a good match for my solitude at the final hours of the day…

I watch the sunset at the South Padre Islands in 2015. Skyscape # 008

Eyes wide shut under the flying veil of hair

Rumbling ocean reverberates, flushing the day’s wear

Gulls forlorn cawing, split the brined air

Emotions shudder helpless, on a wing ‘n a prayer

Encompassing solitude deepens, skins my soul bare

By the calming sea, ‘n the darkening glare

Of the crimson sunset, I feel so aware…



Loneliness and Freedom…

THE day dulls down, and the Sun deserts the skies
The cars speed homeward, the birds fly to their kin
Outside my window, the world’s hustle bustle dies
A loud eeriness I hear, deep down within!

THE poignant breeze blows, fans my latent desolation
A lonely me or a lonely planet, or crowded lonely objects about me I glance
Beyond problems or triumphs, lull or commotion
Its but me, just me,  and the uproar of silence !

THE sky floods with twilight, I transcend to a world far far away
I dare to go beyond to see, is this where the warm Light dwells?
I shed all that’s gross as I uplift, and let the rest in me  stay
Lo! Freedom infinite! With teardrops, my gratitude makes its way!