Loneliness and Freedom…

THE day dulls down, and the Sun deserts the skies
The cars speed homeward, the birds fly to their kin
Outside my window, the world’s hustle bustle dies
A loud eeriness I hear, deep down within!

THE poignant breeze blows, fans my latent desolation
A lonely me or a lonely planet, or crowded lonely objects about me I glance
Beyond problems or triumphs, lull or commotion
Its but me, just me,  and the uproar of silence !

THE sky floods with twilight, I transcend to a world far far away
I dare to go beyond to see, is this where the warm Light dwells?
I shed all that’s gross as I uplift, and let the rest in me  stay
Lo! Freedom infinite! With teardrops, my gratitude makes its way!

8 thoughts on “Loneliness and Freedom…

    1. By “India’s reality”, do you mean the “absence of loneliness” owing to the average population? Well, at times even having people around doesn’t help. Besides, I am based in the US. If you mean does India inspire me to write poetry in general based on what it is, the answer is yes, it does. I have a whole stock or memories from India that can reflect in poetry.


  1. The poem was evocative.. the first four lines were picturesque.

    When I read “the day dulls down, and the Sun deserts the skies”, I visualized the sun leaving the skies.. and stars emerging.. stars peering at each other and down on earth.. stars that are lonely.. trying to reach out to each other.. talking with their eyes.. part of the cosmic fabric.. lonely.. yet connected. The stars just be themselves.. twinkling and giving to the world what they have.

    When I read “The cars speed homeward, the birds fly to their kin”, I was thinking of the highways.. after the hustle bustle of the cars has died down, there is serenity and calm.. I was also reminded of trees in whose shades young children come and play.. the tree provides shelter and warmth.. then children go back home.. and the tree is left alone.. lonely but with other trees, each giving to the world what it has.

    When I read the next two lines: “Outside my window, the world’s hustle bustle dies” — “A loud eeriness I hear, deep down within!”, I felt quite sad. Just yesterday, a friend whom I respect so much.. Shekhar.. sent me this quote: “Blossom where you are planted.” There is so much wisdom in this phrase.. acceptance of who you are, your circumstances, and the idea of growing to your potential within the limitations of your circumstances.

    And then, I was also reminded of a poem that I started composing sometimes in May–June 2008. I don’t write poems as I’m not gifted in poetry as you are.. and I’m not sure if I’ll ever finish this one because I’m no longer in that phase of my life.. but here is the outline I chalked out then:

    Flickering in a mighty storm,
    … I’m a candle flame,
    … Waiting for a pair of caring hands.

    Shivering in a frosty night,
    … I’m a lonely leaf,
    … Waiting for the warm embrace of dawn.

    Peering out an empty nest,
    … I’m a baby bird,
    … Waiting for my mama to return.

    Breathing slower and slower,
    … I’m falling asleep,
    … Waiting for my guardian angel.

    The lines dont rhyme.. but you get the general idea. And it’s without spiritual sentiments that imbue your compositions.

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