The many faces in the crowd…

Faces in the crowd: I love to observe people especially on airports: what they look like, how they dress, what they are thinking. Imagine a thought bubble on every person passing by, and you will have a kaleidoscope of feelings, emotions and ideas! 🙂

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The sweetest combination…

The  Sweetest combination!

Give me my books and my tea
And some lone time just to be
That snow brewing up a storm outside
By the fire you’ll find the happiest me!


The monochromatic windy city

My monochromatic windy city
In love with my city ❤

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Chicago skyline…
Navy Pier, Downtown Chicago.
Chicago Downtown across the lake...
The Willis (old Sears) Tower from across Lake Michigan.
Lakeshore. Lake Michigan. Chicago downtown.


Eerily silent..

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge  Eerily silent:
When the sun is about to go down after a drizzle and everyone wants to rush to the warmth indoors, silence lurks on the streets eerily…


Weathered, hence wise…

Weekly Photo ChallengeWeathered, hence wise

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