Out of this world…up above

Skyscapes: Out of this world

Laying down staring at the sky whisks me out of this world into another one that is as deep as the ocean and as lovely as the sunshine! How I envy the graceful languid glide of the eagle blissfully basking in the blue depths!

The crimson sky, the deep blue sky, the wool gathering sky with clouds abound…

The Sky ❤



Sky shades. black and white, photography, monochromes, B&W,

19 thoughts on “Out of this world…up above

  1. Your pictures are so beautiful and I so understand your comparison to the ocean. Both so vast and beyond our comprehension. I still love lying down on the ground and just keep looking at the sky.❤️

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    1. Growing up in the midlands, I never had the ocean so I lookup up to the sky and it gave me a glimpse of eternity.
      Thanks Miriam for stopping by and taking time to comment. Sharing my thoughts with a poetess as you, I know I speak to someone who “gets” it.

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