Winters are not all that bad, as we might make them out to be. It snows. It gets gloomy. But the puddle of warmth under a lamp or each festive light on a string, then, makes it so much more cozy.
The memories we carry in spring and summer and the yearning again for it in the fall goes in a cycle until the first snow showers.
The cycle goes on as we accumulate stories of cozy winters and distant celebrations gone by….

It snowed and snowed. The two chairs stayed together through it all.
The gloomy sky pushed the imagination to kick in, just to keep going. Spring must be just round the corner…
The string of tiny lights around the handrail sparkle joy…






15 thoughts on “Memories…

  1. You are so very right Sonali ( beautiful name ). I love those cosy days with lights and candles
    and dreaminess. I think it is when the sun is away for too long that we start feeling a physical
    and emotional longing for sunlight.
    So wonderful pictures, and inspiring.

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